All you need to know about independent Hotel PMS

The traditional manual paperwork of Hotel Operation is really a nightmare and it’s already outdated. There is a system called “Hotels pms” that used to resolve this challenge; you may already be familiar with it.

Hotel Pms are specially made for the new generation hotelier to consider how to minimize complications in the operation and reduce the high risk of human error. 

To unlock the full potential of your independent hotel with Hotels pms, this article will go through details of Hotels pms and its best practice functions. 

What is Hotel PMS

A Hotels pms also known as Hotels Property Management System which is a software that stores all guest informations and also be used to manage and organize their day-to-day operations such as:

  • Reservations (Guest booking details)
  • Guest check-in and check-out
  • Room assignments
  • Billing and accounting
  • Track your inventory and rates
  • Manage maintenance and housekeeping
  • Manage guest communications

Hotel PMS can be used for both front-of-house and back-of-house tasks and also can be integrated with other systems, such as point-of-sale systems and electronic key card systems.

Best Function of Hotel PMS

When it comes to Property Management Systems providers, they offer PMS products based on hotel design and type of the property. A Hotels pms must have at least two essential automated functions, which include a reservation system and front-desk operations. Other essential functions of theProperties Management System include housekeeping, channel management and reporting. For larger hotels or resorts may also need Point-of-sale (POS) services and back-office functions as well.


For a modern hotel business, online bookings are the main source of revenue. Hotel pms reservation helps to record all the bookings through different channels and also holds all inventory data and dates, sending this information to the front desk. 

However if the Chain hotels or Independent Hotels already have their own reservation systems, Hotels pms must offer integration with that particular reservation software.

Key functions of the reservation module include: 

  • Room bookings: the hotel pms keeps track of room availability and status through various channels, including the hotel’s website booking engine.
  • Management of room inventory: This feature also prevents duplicate bookings and facilitates group reservations. The system provides a dashboard displaying information about current and upcoming bookings. 
  • Reservation emails:  After guests complete their booking, the system sends them confirmations. In some Hotels pms, this function belongs with the front-desk operations module.
  • Activities booking: Some software allows guests to book not only rooms but also other activities with this system as well.

Front-desk Operations

Hotels Pms, the front-desk module enables staff to efficiently view and update reservation status, check guests in and out, and process payment. 

Main feature of this module is Room Management. It allows the staff to manage hotel rooms status and also shows the rooms under maintenance schedule, long-term stays and housekeeping status. Staff can also add information such as room rates. 

  • Room Status: using a front-desk module
  • Keys management:  This module includes management of electronic key cards, processing payments and issuing receipts to guests.
  • Daily audits: Users can also conduct night and shift audits using the front-office module.

Channel management

Hotel pms Channel management software provides a unified interface to manage and distribute hotel room inventory across various channels, including GDSs, OTAs, wholesalers, and booking platforms. 

The Channel Management key functions:

  • Provide real-time updates for rates and availability
  • Enable centralized management of all booking sites
  • Allow to upload inventory up to 400 days in advance
  • Easy monitoring of your performance across channels

When there is a booking from customers from any of the sites, the inventory will be automated and reduced across all sites so you don’t need to do work manually.


A Hotels pms housekeeping module links housekeeping staff to the front office, allowing a front-office manager to assign tasks and housekeepers to update room status. If the Hotels pms is cloud-based, housekeepers can access and update assignments and room statuses via mobile app or tablet. Additionally, this module maintains the maintenance task list and generates reports for users.

The Reporting Capabilities of Hotel pms

Tracking Reports are also an essential feature to look for in Hotels  pms, but they require their own section. 

Property management systems offer various reporting tools that can provide valuable insights into your business operations. However, to fully benefit from these tools, it’s important to use them consistently and effectively to generate data.

Some of the most useful reports that you can access include financial reports that show your profits over specific periods of time, such as daily, weekly, monthly or yearly. Housekeeping reports that give you details on cleaning times, turnover times, and the number of rooms cleaned within a certain timeframe.

Within this period of time, you will be able to generate report:

  • Check-ins and check-outs
  • Cancellations
  • Average unoccupied rooms
  • Payment methods
  • Revenue per available room
  • Average occupancy
  • Average length of stay
  • Revenue per channel

Transaction Report

An analyst of your daily transactions can provide deeper understanding of your business operations, such as identifying patterns in peak and slow days and determining the preferred payment methods for your hotel. 

From Report Dashboard, you can be able to generate:

  • Payment method (cash, type of credit card, etc.)
  • Number of check-ins
  • Number of check-outs
  • Number of cancellations
  • Number of pending check-ins
  • Number of pending check-outs
  • Average unoccupied rooms

Statistic report

A small hotel owner is able to track the certain metrics that give them an overview of how their business is doing.

  • Total occupied and unoccupied rooms
  • Average occupancy
  • Length of stay, revenue per booking and daily rate
  • Revenue per available room
  • Canceled reservations

To evaluate whether you are improving or not, it is essential to measure and monitor these numbers throughout time.

Booking channels report

You obviously need to be able to view all of your revenue streams in order to manage your revenue effectively, from the online booking sites where you advertise your property to your marketing and sales activities.

These report include:

  • Booking channels – number of reservations, and total revenue
  • Direct reservation – number of reservations, and total revenue

It can easily export data with a Hotels PMS and select those periods of time as necessary. It will be visually presented to you through a modern system, and you can print it off. 

Bottom Line:

Hotel pms, also known as Hotel Property Management System, is a software that stores guest information and manages day-to-day operations such as reservations, guest check-in and check-out, room assignments, billing and accounting, inventory and rate tracking, and maintenance and housekeeping. 

It can also be integrated with other systems such as point-of-sale and electronic key card systems. The best functions of Hotel PMS include a reservation system, front-desk operations, channel management, housekeeping, and reporting capabilities to track financial, housekeeping, and booking channel data.

If there are any concerns or questions you would like to discuss, we would be happy to offer a free consultation.

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