Google Ads for Hotels

Google Ads can improve hotel performance by increasing visibility, targeting the right audience, improving conversion rates, maximizing ROI, and competing with other hotels.

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Why Need Google Ads for Hotels

The KPI Plus is not just a Google Ads agency. We leverage our agency experience in direct response marketing, advertising, and conversion optimization to provide the best practices for Google Ads. The outcome is a Google Ads service that not only drives visitors to your website but also endeavors to transform them into customers

Brand awareness for hotels refers to the level of familiarity and recognition that potential guests have of a particular hotel brand, its services, amenities, and overall reputation.

Improving engagement for hotels means creating meaningful interactions with guests across various channels to foster loyalty and drive repeat bookings.

Improving booking conversion for hotels involves optimizing the website’s user experience, pricing strategies to increase the likelihood of visitors making a reservation.

Google Ads For Hotels & Resorts

Starting with creating a Google Ads account, developing an ad campaign, selecting the appropriate target audience for your business, and optimizing your ads.


Frequently Asked Questions

Google Ads for hotels is an advertising platform by Google that lets hotels advertise their properties to potential guests through targeted ads on Google search and affiliated platforms. It helps hotels increase online visibility and attract more bookings.

There are several benefits of using Google Ads for hotels, including:

Overall, Google Ads for hotels is a powerful tool that can help hotels increase their online visibility, attract more bookings, and ultimately grow their business.

The cost of Google Ads varies based on factors such as competition, target audience, and ad placement. It operates on a pay-per-click model, and advertisers set a daily budget. The cost per click can range from a few cents to hundreds of dollars.

The KPI Plus is a digital marketing agency that specializes in helping hotels with their online marketing efforts, including Google Ads. We can help your hotel with Google Ads by:

What People Are Saying

We are, Bann 125stay, hotel in Old Town Phuket uses The KPI Plus for social media and website management and we are happy with the results. Effective use of these services is important for hotels in the digital age, and The KPI Plus is delivering positive outcomes for us.

Bann 125stay / Boutique Hotel

We are ,Ao Luek Panoramic, a pool villa located in Phuket. We used KPI service for social media and OTAs management for awhile ready. They are very friendly and professional, easy to work it. Our monthly reports were great and we are very happy with their service. Highly recommend for the hospitality.

Ao Luek Panoramic / Pool Villa

We are ,sky and sea, Beach Resort located in ChonBuri has been using The KPI Plus service for almost a year for OTAs management and Social Media Management as well. We are really happy with their professional and friendly service. Highly recommend KPI Plus to other businesses.

Sky & Sea / Resort
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