E-commerce involves promoting goods and services through OTA, early bird, member deal, and last-minute deal platforms to reach a larger audience, incentivize repeat business, and generate revenue.

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Why Need E-commerce

E-commerce is needed to provide customers with a convenient and accessible way to buy goods and services online, expand businesses’ reach to a global market, increase efficiency and cost-effectiveness, and offer personalized shopping experiences.

E-commerce allows businesses to reach a global market, as customers can shop from anywhere in the world with an internet connection.

Can streamline business operations, reduce overhead costs, and automate processes such as inventory management and payment processing.

use customer data to personalize recommendations, promotions, and product offerings that can lead to increased customer loyalty and sales.

Marketing Communication for Business

The KPI Plus can help increase your business’s local brand visibility through branding and local PR strategies, such as identifying key target audiences, developing messaging, creating engaging content.


Frequently Asked Questions

E-commerce involves promoting goods and services through OTA, early bird, member deal, and last-minute deal platforms to reach a larger audience, incentivize repeat business, and generate revenue.

E-Commerce works by allowing businesses to sell products and services online through a website or platform, where customers can browse, select, and purchase items using electronic payment methods. Once the order is placed, the business fullfills it by shipping the product to customer. The process involves a secure payment gateway, logistics and shipping, and ongoing marketing efforts to attract and retain customers.


What People Are Saying

We are impressed with the outcomes of The KPI Plus to manage our social media and website. Hotels must efficiently use these services in the digital age, and The KPI Plus has proven to be successful in generating favorable results for us.

Bann 125stay / Boutique Hotel

The KPI Plus has managing our social media and OTAs. The team has been incredibly friendly and professional, making it easy to collaborate with them. We have been very pleased with the quality of our monthly reports and are highly satisfied with their services.

Ao Luek Panoramic / Pool Villa

We are happy with the outcomes and their efficient and friendly service has left us deeply impressed. To other businesses seeking for efficient revenue management, Social Media Marketing Services, we fully recommend The KPI Plus.

Sky & Sea / Resort
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