Short-form content marketing

Short-form Content marketing

Marketing through short-form content in hotels can enhance diversity and create more memorable experiences by blending engaging storytelling techniques. Short narratives, crafted to captivate viewers within seconds, can effectively grab their attention and leave a lasting impression of the hotel. For instance, stories told through platforms like Instagram Reels or TikTok can showcase guest experiences, highlighting the exceptional services offered by the hotel.

short-form content marketing

1. Short Videos Introducing the Hotel

  • Hotel Tour Videos: Use 15-30 second videos to showcase different areas of the hotel such as the lobby, rooms, pool, or dining areas, focusing on visually appealing and captivating shots.
  • Guest Review Videos: Create short videos featuring reviews or recommendations from previous guests to build trust and motivate bookings.

short-form content marketing

2. Social Media Content

  • Instagram Reels and TikTok Posts: Utilize these platforms to create short, engaging content such as travel tips, nearby attractions, or special promotions.
  • Instagram and Facebook Stories: Use the Stories feature to post temporary content that grabs attention, such as beautiful hotel photos, food served in the restaurant, or special hotel activities.

short-form content marketing

3. Marketing through Email and Short Messages

  • Short Email Blasts with Visuals: Send short emails with visually appealing images related to promotions or upcoming special events at the hotel.
  • SMS Messages: Send short messages containing information about special offers or upcoming events.

4. Experiential Content Creation

  • Recommendations for Nearby Attractions: Create short videos or posts recommending nearby tourist spots or interesting activities in the area surrounding the hotel.
  • Hotel Activities: Use videos or short posts to introduce special activities held at the hotel, such as cooking classes, yoga sessions, or live music performances.

short-form content marketing

5. Influencer Marketing

  • Collaborations with Influencers: Invite well-known influencers to stay at the hotel and create short-form content showcasing their hotel experience, room reviews, or hotel activities.

short-form content marketing

6. User-Generated Content

  • Contests or Campaigns: Organize contests or campaigns inviting guests to capture videos or photos during their stay at the hotel and share them on social media using the hotel’s hashtag.

Ultimately, using short-form content to build relationships with the local community is a crucial strategy. Hotels can create videos or posts showcasing community involvement activities such as supporting local businesses, organizing charity events, or collaborating with the community to host various activities. Creating content that emphasizes relationships with the community helps to build a positive image and increase trust in the hotel.

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