Mastering Google Ads: Guide for Hoteliers to Boost Bookings and Revenue

    In today’s world, our lives revolve around the online realm. Whether it’s shopping, searching for dining options, or finding accommodation, everything is just a few clicks away. The convenience is unparalleled, as we can locate exactly what we desire in less than a minute.

    In the hospitality industry, the significance of digital marketing and technologies has never been greater than it is today. However, it’s crucial to utilize digital tools effectively to maximize their potential.

    Before delving further into the topic, let us provide you with a comprehensive understanding of Google Ads—how they function and how they contribute to enhancing bookings and revenue.

What is Google Ads?

     Google Ads or Google adwords is known as paid Google advertising where advertisers bid to display advertisements, product listings or video to web users.

     With the help of Google, it can display ads in search engine’s on the video, website, mobile apps and Google. There are over 3.5 billion searches per day, so imagine you promote your business with this big platform.

     You don’t have to worry about the budget of the marketing. Google Ads gives you control over how much money. However there is no minimum of the cost but you can choose how much you spend per month, day and per ad.

Benefits of Google Ads for hoteliers

     Beside increasing your hotel’s online visibility, there are several additional benefits to using Google Hotel Ads

  • Attract Travelers for your hotel in your area. As tourists, we will alway find information related to accommodation on the internet such as “Hotel near me”, so people can compare the price and also the reviews from the previous guests as well.
  • Increase the Number of Direct Bookings Your Hotel Generates. If you run ads on your own website people tend to book through your web instead of OTAs because customers can compare the price effortlessly. With these benefits, you will be able to retain more of the revenue from each booking since you don’t need to pay any commission to OTAs.
  • Targeted advertising: Reaching the right audience at the time: There are tons of people on the internet but it doesn’t mean everyone will come and stay in our hotel. So have control to decide who should see our advertising. This would help us to cut down the unnecessary spend and only invest on the targeted group of people.
  • Enhancing guest engagement and loyalty: Beside increasing and attracting new customers, Google ads are also able to keep engaging with our previous clients by running ads campaigns called “remarketing”. Remarketing helps hotels to reach out to their previous customers who used to stay or see the hotel on social media. We can provide them a promotion or membership point, so people will be able to engage more with our brand.
  • Measuring ads campaign performance: Beside generating more revenue and raising awareness among the customer, we can measure campaign performance. So we can keep track of whether we can meet our goal or not. If not, we can change our strategies until we are happy with the result.

Advanced Strategies for Hoteliers

     As we know there are several types of campaigns which make sure it matches with your business and generate the best results. To enhance the effectiveness of the online advertising campaigns, several strategies can be implemented.

Remarketing advertising

     Remarketing refers to engaging audiences who have already interacted with your brand through online or social media to encourage them to take desired action. This also for our previous customers where we can convert them from normal customers to loyal ones.

Display Advertising

     Display ads are images, videos or gifs shown to users on websites or apps. Most display advertising uses square, landscape formats with images to attract users to click. Display ads resemble ads you might have seen on television. 

Using location targeting 

     Ads Near Me helps get your business more leads and sales with Google Locally. Google local Ads even help to show up above the paid search ads and the organic results. For example Once people search “Hotel Near Me”,  your ads might appear first since our hotel is located in that area.

Utilizing Google Analytics

     Using Google Analytics to analyze campaign performance and user behavior. So we can keep track of it monthly and revise our strategy due to time and season. We can understand more about the customer’s needs. That information is really useful for hoteliers to better our marketing strategy.


     As mentioned google ads help hoteliers in many ways such as increase the online visibility, raising awareness to target customers and specially increase the booking and revenue. 

    For those who want to strengthen Google Ads Campaign, you keep some campaigns in mind such as Remarketing Advertising, Display Advertising and Location targeting Advertising. Specially do not forget to keep track of your ads monthly by using google analytics. Recheck and improve your strategy to get better results. 

    In case you want to understand more about google ads or ways to increase your revenue during low season, you are very welcome to The KPI Plus Plus to get a free consultant. The KPI Plus is an Hotel Marketing Agency with more than 10 years experience in the hospital industry. If you are interested please contact me as follows. 

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