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Partnering with the right KOL can increase brand awareness, credibility, trust, engagement, and revenue, making KOL marketing a cost-effective tool for businesses to reach targeted audiences and improve their overall performance.

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Why Need KOL Marketing

“The KPI Plus offers KOL marketing services that go beyond just bringing visitors to your website, by combining direct response marketing, advertising, and conversion optimization with best practices for businesses.

Partnering with an influencer can help increase brand awareness by reaching a wider audience that may not have been aware of the brand before

Consumers tend to trust influencers that they follow and engage with, making it easier for the brand to gain credibility and trust.

Influencers tend to have a highly engaged audience, which can lead to increased engagement with the brand and its content.


As a digital Marketing Agency based on Phuket, Thailand, we provide fully-integrated and proven digital marketing solutions to meet all of your brand’s digital needs.

Key Opinions Leader

Refers to type of influencer who have significant influence and promote products or services to their followers through various types of content on social media.

KOL Marketing Strategy

Finding the right influencer for your brand is not a worry anymore. With the help of The KPI Plus, you can find the perfect influencer with careful selection.


Frequently Asked Questions

KOL Marketing (Key Opinion Leader Marketing) is a type of influencer marketing where brands partner with individuals who have significant influence and expertise in their respective fields to promote products or services to their followers through various types of content on social media and other digital channels.

Finding the right influencer for your brand is not a worry anymore. With the help of The KPI Plus, you can find the perfect influencer with careful selection. Here are some tips to help you find the right influencer for your brand:

KOL Marketing is important because it allows brands to leverage the influence and reach of key opinion leaders to reach a wider audience, build brand awareness, and drive sales. KOLs are seen as more relatable and trustworthy, which can help brands establish an authentic connection with their target audience.

KOL marketing, also known as influencer marketing, is a type of marketing strategy that involves partnering with individuals who have a large following on social media platforms to promote a brand, product or service.

The cost of KOL Marketing varies widely depending on factors like the KOL’s following, content type, platform used, and collaboration length. Costs can range from a few hundred dollars to hundreds of thousands of dollars. It’s important to establish a clear budget and communicate expectations and goals to the KOL.

What People Are Saying

We are impressed with the outcomes of The KPI Plus to manage our social media and website. Hotels must efficiently use these services in the digital age, and The KPI Plus has proven to be successful in generating favorable results for us.

Bann 125stay / Boutique Hotel

The KPI Plus has managing our social media and OTAs. The team has been incredibly friendly and professional, making it easy to collaborate with them. We have been very pleased with the quality of our monthly reports and are highly satisfied with their services.

Ao Luek Panoramic / Pool Villa

We are happy with the outcomes and their efficient and friendly service has left us deeply impressed. To other businesses seeking for efficient revenue management, Social Media Marketing Services, we fully recommend The KPI Plus.

Sky & Sea / Resort
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