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Boosting Topline Revenue for Independent Hotels in Thailand The Crucial Role of Revenue Management

In today’s highly competitive hospitality industry, independent hotels in Thailand face numerous challenges in maximizing their revenue potential. With increasing customer expectations, evolving market dynamics, and the rise of online travel agencies (OTAs), it is essential for hoteliers to adopt effective strategies to optimize their topline revenue. This is where Revenue Management comes into play […]

How to Boost Your Hotel Marketing in Thailand During the Low Season?

As the monsoon season approaches, Thailand’s hospitality industry is gearing up to face the challenges of the low season. With fewer tourists and decreased revenue, hotels in Thailand must find new and innovative ways to attract customers and stay competitive during this time. The good news is that digital marketing can help hotels in Thailand […]

All you need to know about independent Hotel PMS

The traditional manual paperwork of Hotel Operation is really a nightmare and it’s already outdated. There is a system called “Hotels pms” that used to resolve this challenge; you may already be familiar with it. Hotel Pms are specially made for the new generation hotelier to consider how to minimize complications in the operation and […]

The Best OTAs Online Travel agency to Boost Hotel Booking

As an independent hotelier, maximizing your daily hotel booking is a must. Many small hotel owners have looked over the great benefits of OTAs Online Travel agency. Some might not want to waste the commission fee or some might be afraid of online fraud. However, without OTAs it may be more difficult for potential guests […]